starvation This website is sponsored by the Duchesne County Water Conservancy District, Duchesne/Strawberry River Water Users Association, and Moon Lake Water Users Association in Eastern Utah. The Duchesne River Basin is instrumented with solar powered weather, canal, reservoir, pond and river monitoring sites. The tools at this website give water users immediate access to data from these sites. Better and more timely information lead to better water management.

Duchesne River Basin Real-time Website News

  • Mobile Web Site: New mobile website available at Individual sensors must be configured via the backend in order to be viewable on the mobile site. The mobile website presents a bare bones, text only interface which displays properly on mobile Internet devices. (14-June-2010)
  • Data by Telephone: Please use the telephone number: (801) 430-9701. Access codes need to be configured via the back end for each sensor that is accessed via the IVR. To view the IVR enabled stations, and their associated 3-digit IDs, go here. (6-April-2012).
  • New Website: Please email bug reports, missing features and usability issues to Support.